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We will be hosting our first Open House of the year on Saturday, June 14, 2014 from 11am-5pm. Ever wondered what the inner workings of a real craft distillery looks like? We will be conducting tours on the hour starting at 11am with the last tour of the day starting at 4pm. Join us to learn more about what we make- no appointment necessary and no charge! This would make for a great Father’s Day Weekend activity…hint, hint!

Products out of Stock

Temporarily Out of Stock at the Distillery … Still Available in Some Stores

McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt Whiskey is sold out here at the distillery. Our most recent bottling of McCarthy’s was in September, 2013.  That batch (W13-02) has been shipped to retail stores around the country.  Much of it has been purchased, but you may be able to find bottles at retailers near you or with online retailers.  There is a bunch of whiskey still aging in barrels.  The next bottling of McCarthy’s (batch W14-01) is schedule for Fall 2014.

If you’d like to be notified when the next bottling is approaching, please contact us with your name, location, and either an email or phone number, depending on how you’d like us to contact you.

Framboise is one spirit that we make infrequently and in small quantities.  Because we use the authentic method of making eau de vie, meaning we ferment raspberries and distill the fermented fruit (as opposed to flavoring a spirit with raspberries), it is difficult and expensive to make.  We need especially good raspberry crops.  Those are the years we make it.  Our 2013 batch of 33 cases has already sold out.  You may be able to find a bottle at a few retailers around the country, but we have none left here at the distillery.  And we aren’t sure when we will make it again.

Please visit our Where to Buy page for help finding a retailer near you.  Please contact us for additional assistance.


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